“Pieces of you” captured the love story of a young couple which everyone must get their own one in this life. That is the period of time when you fall in love,
you figure out that the city in your sweetie’s voice, becomes more similar. Alike “he” in this short film, feel Tokyo as a hustle and bustle city.
This short film was produced by Ignition Film cooperating with Tokyo Film/Movie Making Community and Moontan Productions.
The Corcovado Project was created by Dave Erasmus after a mind-altering trip to Costa Rica’s Corcovado Rainforest in which he spent time under the same canopy as 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. In just a few short weeks, the frenzy of modern day life evaporated and Dave felt a resounding sense of peace that fuelled a deep level of creative thinking. The impact of both the Corcovado Rainforest and the culture of the Costa Rican people and their lifestyle (Google ‘pura vida’) inspired Dave to recreate a similar environment closer to home.
Fanta’s Halloween culminates in a host of activity all centred around a ghoulish virtual reality experience set in a crashing elevator.
The experiential work can be attended both in Westfield Stratford in London and at Thorpe Park Furthermore, this can also be experienced on YouTube in 360 video.