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Also available through 'A Sound Effect'




I think you’ve managed to create a high quality, fresh new product that cleverly references an earlier “family” of sonically related sources whilst bringing something unique to the market – that’s quite an achievement!
I mean it only as high praise when I say that it brought to mind some of the works of Sound Dust, Rhythmic Robot’s The Laboratory series and Hollow Sun’s Music Laboratory Machines, for example. And as well as the obvious modular-type sounds, there are also shades of PPG and Prophet VS in there, too.
There’s a real depth and weight to the sounds and the quality throughout is universally high. Transition & sound effects, textures, beds and ambiences all sound brilliant and I can easily imagine everyone from Trent Reznor down to me loving them!
Congratulations, it really does sound “top notch” and deserves to do brilliantly.
— arp.quadra